Family Law / Divorce Attorney


Divorce can be a confusing, hurtful and stressful experience for clients who wish to terminate their marriage. Our attorneys will work with the client to ensure that their divorce and other related issues to divorce are decided in the fairest and most beneficial way. During a divorce, many issues must be decided including; child custody, visitation schedules, spousal and child support and property and debt distribution. When a divorce is the last resort, our attorneys will counsel and advise our client to achieve the desired results.


We represent women and men looking to establish paternity for their child. Once paternity is established our attorneys will work to resolve any child support, custody and visitation issues.

Child Custody

Our law firm represents clients who seek custody of a minor child. In many cases, this involves the non-primary parent who feels that the current living situation for the child is not in their best interest. Our attorneys will work with the client and other professionals to assess the current situation and work to create a more beneficial custody arraignment.


Modification is the process of changing an existing parenting plan or child support decree that was initially established through divorce or paternity proceedings. Our law firm in Vancouver will assist obtaining a new schedule for the parties involved through our attorneys.

Non-Parental Custody

Family members will retain our legal services when they seek custody of a child who they feel would be better suited living in a different environment. There may be cases of neglect, mental illness or abuse that the child is suffering from. When a family member seeks custody of a child, they are not terminating the biological parents rights, simply seeking to raise the child in a safe environment through the help of a parental custody attorney.

Attorneys Practicing in Family Law and Divorce: Lisa Green (Toth)