Criminal Law Attorney

Because criminal law deals specifically with important individuals’ rights, namely liberty and freedom, it is important for every person charged with a crime to be aware of his or her legal rights. Crimes generally fall into two categories, felonies and misdemeanors. Each specific crime carries unique penalties which may include mandatory minimum sentences based on the type of charge or on a person’s criminal history.  Criminal law charges may also affect a person’s ability to drive or their employment.  There may be  alternative  considerations  for first time  criminal law offenders or those with alcohol or drug issues that should also be considered. Due to the constant change in sentencing laws it has become even more important to be advised on the potential consequences of the conviction of a specific crime by an attorney.

Our law firm in Vancouver, WA handles all areas of criminal law, including; felonies, misdemeanors, driving offenses, drug charges and domestic violence.

A thorough consultation with an experienced criminal law defense attorney can assure you that your rights are protected.

Attorneys Practicing in Criminal Law:

Lisa Green (Toth)